Two Ways to Have Pork Chops

One of my favorite pork chop recipes, which is a bit fancy, is from one of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks. Someone posted it here. You basically cut little pockets/slits into the side of the porkchops and stuff it with a pureed blend of dried apricots, prosciutto, sage, garlic and butter. The chops are browned and finished in the oven on a bed of potatoes with bacon – delicious!!

My other regular use of Pork Chops is for Schnitzel (German/Austrian). Remove the meat from the bone, then cut the chops through the cross section so that they are half the thickness they originally were. This is best done when chops are only halfway thawed, so it’s much easier to cut through. (I put the frozen chops in the fridge before bed and then cut them late morning the next day.) Once fully thawed, you pound the thin cross sections so that they are pretty darn thin and about the area/size of your hand with fingers spread, but not falling apart. Coat the meat in well-salted flour, beaten egg, then breadcrumbs (or just with gluten-free flour mix of your choice – I use a combo of potato starch and cornmeal, sometimes also a bit of tapioca starch). You can store in the fridge at this point and just have them ready for frying later. Right before mealtime, pan-fry the schnitzel in Meadowbreeze lard. My husband loves to have the leftover schnitzel pieces in sandwiches the next day. I know, sounds weird to have breaded meat inside of bread…maybe it’s a German thing? Definitely not MY thing!  😉


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