Mexican Chili-Seasoned Pork Roast


chilesI make this often with Meadowbreeze pork shoulder. It was a huge hit on Saturday, so I’m passing the recipe along. Just go to any Latin American market to buy bags of the dried chiles. For instance, Glebe Market in Arlington or Plaza Latina market behind Whole Foods in Falls Church. 

Here’s the recipe:

At first it looks long and scary. Do not fear. It’s not that hard! Here’s the short version:
1) Thaw out your pork shoulder
2) Soak the dried chiles and then puree that and the other sauce ingredients in an immersion (or other blender). Strain it and set aside. (Not necessary to sautee it in a pot with lard – the cooking will the pork will take care of this). I often make more and freeze it. Note that the amount the recipe calls for is enough for TWO mbrz pork shoulders.
3) When you’re ready to cook, just put the pork into your dutch oven or slow cooker. Add the sauce on top of the pork along with some water. Cover tightly and bake at 300 for about 3 hrs.
4) Shred and you’re done. It reheats really well. You can have it with tortillas. Or rice. Or in a sandwich. Or as a tamale filling. Or just as-is as we had it on Saturday.



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