Our Administrative Process

If you’ve wondered what Carissa and Nevra do behind the scenes each week, here’s a snapshot of our weekly administrative workflow.


  • apply credit to site hosts’ orders
  • Submit Goat Milk, Yogurt & Kefir order to goat farmer
  • Submit Sheep Milk, Yogurt & Kefir, Sheep Cheese and Sheep meat order to farmer


  • 3-3:30 be available for call from Farm and amend orders & discuss inventory levels for products. (Time frame varies greatly depending on farmer availability)
  • process orders for payment (today or Wed morning) & also check to see if there are any unpaid orders where check may have bounced.
  • Draft reminder email that gets sent on Wednesday.


  • Receive email from Lancaster Farm Fresh (during the produce season) that lists out produce. Include that information in “delivery has arrived” emails.
  • Send out delivery emails to sites as the drivers text that orders have arrived. (Create the drafts on Tuesday)
  • Deal with delivery issues as best as possible
  • Keep notes about complaints and other feedback

Thursday (or another day)

  • Touch-base call with the farm to provide feedback to them about anything at all, such as complaints you received from customers.


  • Place order with Lancaster Farm Fresh by 3pm and CHANGE PRODUCT INVENTORY TO ZERO so no one else can order.

Sunday (after 8 pm)/Early Monday Morning

  • Call Jake Sunday evening (leave a message) with the count of these items:
    • Buttermilk
    • Clarified Butter/Ghee
    • Creme Fraiche
    • Sour Cream
    • Chocolate Ice Cream
    • Vanilla Ice Cream
    • Greek Yogurt
  • Prepare all packing documents any time after 8pm on Sunday for fax to the Farm on Monday.
    • 1 master spreadsheet for the farm
    • Orders
    • Feedback Document
    • 2 spreadsheets for drivers showing only unboxed items: Cow/goat/ milke (but NOT chocolate milk), Zerbe’s chips, produce boxes, cases of eggs, and rye kvass (not beet). These reports use the following sites:
      • Angela’s (A or B) Stops
      • Peter’s (A or B) Stops
      • Also email a copy to the drivers
  • Update inventory for scarce items (e.g. jumbo eggs, goat milk & goat kefir in winter, etc)
  • Put Produce Boxes back in stock
  • Email egg orders to egg farmer

Ongoing/Less Frequent

  • Respond to customer emails & calls from suppliers
  • Onboard new customers
  • Make enhancements to the product price list over time, to add more detailed descriptions of products, add or remove products, add contact info for suppliers, etc.
  • Optimize the delivery network (open/close/relocate drop sites)
  • Maintain the website, monitor the Facebook page
  • Discuss ideas with the farm for continuous improvement

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