Is it OK to Refreeze Broth?

Turkey broth.JPGI’ve received complaints about the bone broth arriving partially thawed. 

It shouldn’t matter, however, because broth is fine to thaw and refreeze several times.  Unlike muscle tissues in meat and other solid foods, whose structure and chemical properties are affected by freezing and thawing, I detect no difference in broth that’s been through this process a few time unless it sits out at room temperature for a while, in which case I suggest bringing it to a boil then quickly cooling it and freezing it right away to kill any unpleasant bacteria.

I personally bag my broths in ziplocks after they’re cool and freeze. (Yes, I know it’s not ideal for food to come into contact with plastic, but at least it’s cold when it’s poured in, plus, we all make some compromises sometimes, right?). Then if I only need a little bit of broth, I stick the frozen bag into a bowl of cold water and after just a few minutes, I can pour out the part that’s thawed, remove any air, reseal and put right back in the freezer. The picture above is a bag that I have “tapped” a couple of times already since freezing.


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